Friday, January 21, 2005

Never has liberty been so championed

The above title and the following quote come from Alec Rawls over at Error Theory.

I wanted to blog about President Bush's ininaugural speech, but after reading Alec's blogging on the subject, the best thing I can do is insist that you get over to his blog and read it. While your there check out some of his other posts, it is a very good blog.


"If President Bush was an unrealistic utopian, he would have championed, not liberty, but democracy. That is careless standard: just assume that if people have a chance to vote, they will favor liberty. G.W. did mention democracy once, but he insisted on liberty fifteen times. This is the republican ideal, ensconced in our own Constitution. If majority rule overruns liberty, it is just another form of tyranny: tyranny of the majority."

Just in case you don't make it over there right now here's another teaser:

"Both in domestic policy and foreign policy, G.W. is championing liberty over democracy. In what may be the ultimate small "r" republicanism speech, the president is misunderestimated again, by friend and foe alike. That's okay. G.W. likes it that way. His closing line perfectly captures the realism of idealism, and the irrelevance of the naysayers: "Renewed in our strength--tested, but not weary--we are ready for the greatest achievements in the history of freedom." Our "nuanced" elites can cringe all they want. Oppressed people everywhere will hear the call, and think to dream big. From such dreams do the greatest achievements in the history of freedom spring."


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